We can build a better tomorrow today!

A lifelong lover of nature and the outdoors, Julia wavered in her study years between following her love of the cello, or pursuing a life dedicated towards the preservation of the natural world.

After yet another summer spent sweltering through unseasonal heat, Julia started to search for a way to become more active in fighting the natural devastation of climate change. She saw the message of a Green New Deal taking off in the US, and thought that its constructive, social approach might be the key to bringing together enough groups to make the big changes necessary.

Green New Deal NL

Julia founded the Green New Deal NL organization with other citizens also attracted to this combination of big goals matched to practical solution-making.

Our mission is to create and promote a concrete, environmentally ambitious, socially equitable and constructive action plan for the Netherlands that can leverage sufficient public funding and resources to tackle the climate emergency and create a fair society for everyone.”

You can read more about this organization here: www.greennewdealnl.org.