Consultations & Workshops

Julia offers one-on-one consultations with professional musicians of all instrumental groups who seek solutions to playing-related questions. The questions can range from how to optimize the playing for greater ease and flow, to how to find a playing technique that can help, rather than hinder rehabilitation from an injury. Julia looks with each individual player to find the right adjustments for their bodies to ease that discomfort in the shoulder, find breath support in the low and high registers, or get that spiccato jumping from the string.

At the first consultation, an anamnesis will be taken, tracing past medical history and playing history. The player will then be observed at the instrument, and a plan will be drawn up whereby goals can be set along a potential timeline.
Players will learn at each session how to use their bodies’ built-in, biomechanical mechanisms to reach their playing goals. Specific, detailed exercises, observations and advice will be given on how to unwind specific blockages and tensions, activate the body with flexibility and balance, and move at the instrument with greater virtuosity, accuracy and endurance.
The information given serves as a toolkit for players to take home with them. From there, the building of new neural connections, new sensations, and new skills can arise instantly, or can develop over the course of months and years. The toolkit serves as an ongoing repository of knowledge that players can access to address playing questions as they arise – it is the ultimate DIY handbook for musicians.
Please send an email to if you wish to schedule a first consultation and start building a path towards making music with more ease.


Julia regularly offers workshops to musical professionals and institutions. She adapts her workshops to the size, age range and skill set of audience, tailoring them to give the opportunity for each participant to experience some of Dispokinesis’ key principles at work in themselves. See “Schedule” for the listing of the next workshop in your vicinity, or send an email to if you wish to book a workshop for your own organization.

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